How To Choose Your Rate As An Independent Escort

How To Determine Your Escort Rates

You need to set your price point to you and the area in which you will be working. As background info you should know that historically $300/hour is the standard. In some smaller towns it will be less and in larger cities like San Diego and San Francisco, Las Vegas & New York you can expect rates to be closer to $500-$800 per hour. If you don’t believe than check out the Find Houston Escorts at and see for yourself! The number one rule I want you to keep in mind when pricing your services is that a lady always gets what she asks for! Say this to yourself 1000 times until you get it into your head and start believing it.

Obviously don’t take this to extreme measures. I am not saying that you should go around charging $1,000 per hour in a small town with economic trouble, be fifty pounds overweight, and expect guys to just throw money at you. What I am saying is you should not be afraid to push the limits of what you can charge a bit. If by chance you find that you aint getting much business at the higher prices you can always lower it until you find a place where people will be comfortable. Always better to start high and work your way down, trust me on this!

5 things To Look At When Considering Your Escort Rates & Price Points

  1. The average for the city in which you will be working.
  2. The availability and quality of providers in your city.
  3. The number of hours you feel you can work per week.
  4. The hourly rate that makes you happy.
  5. The type of services you are going to offer.

Successful Escorts Do Their Research!

Find the average rate in your city by doing some research on the internet. A Great place for example if you lived in san Francisco is check out the best girls at Source-Escorts San Francisco California and look at their prices and the image they portray. After checking that you want to search around and find reviews of escorts on review sites and advertising sites too see what guys are saying about the girls performance. While doing this please never compare yourself to these girls just use the reviews and scores as a template or guide to show you what works and what doesn’t work so well. Only use this information as baseline or else it could potentially mess with your confidence and self esteem. To be like the High-End VIP Companions from Source-Escorts you have to be confident at all times or atleast seem like it.